couverture cecu

On november 24, Toussaint TK1BI and Thierry TK1CX have mounted a new repeater on the TKNet on Monte Cecu close to the city of Corte.
This repeater covers the city of Corte and a good part of the T20 road as the map shows. It is connected to the TKNet network and interconnected with the other repeaters.

Callsign : TK1ZAR
Frequency : 430.175 MHz + 9.4 MHz
TCS : 88.5 Hz

This repeater prepared by TK5EP is composed by two SIMOCO PRM3080 transceivers, a KATHREIN K654124 duplexer and interface card developped by the team.

More details can be found on the Web page dedicaced to the TKNet.